The Fountain team

August 16-22

AUTHOR: The Fountain team

We had an influx of exterminators at Fountain this past week and smashed a whole lot of bugs! Check it out!

  • Product

    • Timezones are now included for any merge keys that display the time.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed: When filtering by Everify statuses in the Universal Applicant View using an OR operator, our filter was still “AND-ing” and pulling in applicant information incorrectly. This was unhelpful and/or annoying and is now fixed.

    • Fixed: When filtering applicants by I9 pending status, not all applicants with the pending status were showing. #nofilter

    • Fixed: When entering a number of days for time-bound duplicate restrictions, an error would show on the initial save that the number must be greater than 0 even when the number entered was greater than 0. The day entry box now knows how to count properly the first time a number is entered.

    • Fixed: Duplicate settings would not save unless users had a time-bound duplicate restriction enabled. Our customers shouldn’t be bound to time-bound duplicate restrictions.

    • Fixed: When a user cancelled a data recollection request after an applicant has completed a data collection stage, the label would not revert back to a 'complete’ status.

    • Fixed: In Message Templates, duplicate template types for ‘cancellation' , 'scheduler', and 'automated’ would appear in the dropdown that could not be tied to workflow stages.

    • Fixed: In our Workflow Editor 2.0, users were unable to move Distribute Rule stages in the workflow.

    • Fixed: In our Workflow Editor 2.0, certain standard data keys were not showing up as options in Rule Stages.

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