The Fountain team

January 24 - Feb 1

AUTHOR: The Fountain team

We made lots of small enhancements and crushed a ton of bugs !


  • Show warning if a workflow consist of stages that isn't supported with the new workflow model.

  • Updated calendar integration.

  • Preserving the same page when after signing in is required.

  • Translation in the print application function *supporting translation from English to Indian Languages

Fixed Bugs:

  • No longer seeing loading issue of the applicant table when an address column is visible.

  • Corrected the organization of data fields. Previously some fields that were filled were showing under the category of Empty Fields on the applicant profile.

  • Fixed a rare bug where the automated message was not sent if applicant was moved from an Assessment Stage to a Rejected stage.

  • Updated the logic on the Idle Move Rule on Scheduler stage to exclude applicants who confirmed events in future as well as applicants whom recruiters have not marked the attendance for as these individuals are not consider Idle.

  • Fixed the UX issue where existing stages where removed when trying to add stages to Data Validation.

  • Resolved the issue where users with access to the Multi-stage cannot see the scheduled sessions on the sub-scheduler stage.

  • [SCHEDULE_SLOTS] merge key no longer shows two buttons in the email

  • Fixed Idle move rule not functionality as intended in the Assessment Stage

  • + more!

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