The Fountain team

July 5-18

AUTHOR: The Fountain team

We've got a lot of updates for you this week! Squashed bugs, Analytics updates, and a spam mitigation measure.

  • Product

    • We hope to CAPTCHA your attention with this one. We have enabled the Turnstile-powered smart CAPTCHA for all customers on the new applicant experience (AX2.0), which provides an extra, frictionless layer of protection against spam applicants.

  • Analytics:

    • We have shipped Assigned User/Assigned Applicant data in our Applicants and Users explores respectively

    • We have added counts of Rejected and On hold Applicants to our Applicant views

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed: In Fountain-hosted Checkr consent forms, Arkansas applicants would receive a validation error on their Driver’s License number incorrectly.

    • Fixed: Rejection and On-Hold reasons were temporarily uneditable. We’d hate for our customers getting stuck not being able to change a typo like “Not a good fiat” as a rejection reason.

    • Fixed: Intermittent issues with updating sessions in the future.

    • Fixed: For Scheduler 2.0, applicants were unable to reschedule a missed appointment if the new appointment they were trying to schedule was close in time to the missed appointment. If applicants want to reschedule right away, we won’t stop them!

    • Fixed: On our Applicant Experience 2.0, logic jumps were not functioning when they were linked to option banks used in data collection questions. Logically, logic jumps set to skip questions based on specific answers should work no matter what.

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