The Fountain team

October 6 - October 12

AUTHOR: The Fountain team

New feature announcements about our continuous improvements to the Applicant Experience and a bug fix.

New Improvement and Features

  • We’re excited to release our next installment of our redesigned applicant experience - now for Scheduler applicant portal pages! Changes include:

    • Displaying available times in an applicant's time zone, instead of the opening’s time zone

    • Addition of a pre-confirmation page with details (instructions, location) to ensure applicants know what they are committing to

    • Improved mobile-optimized layout, including a map visual of the event location on both pre-confirmation and confirmation pages

  • We’ve released our redesigned applicant experience to more accounts using only Data, Custom, Scheduler, and Approved / Rejected / On Hold stages

Look out for future releases & messages from your CSMs on when your account will be eligible for the redesigned applicant experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: In the Workflow Editor, if adding a rule and using the ‘Move applicant to opening’ under ‘Then do all these actions’ there is a dropdown with options. If you were to type search the dropdown, you would get a frustrating spinning wheel that eventually gets you an unresponsive page. Users should be able to search through the dropdown options now with no spinning wheels of frustration (unless something might be up with your wifi...)

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