The Fountain team
General Messaging Integrations

September 27 - October 3

AUTHOR: The Fountain team

Squashed some bugs this past week and an update to E-Verify case statuses.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed: Customers with Fountain’s new workflow model (aka one-to-many or workflow proliferation) reported applicants intermittently not receiving automated follow-up messages. We’ve touched base, followed-up, and circled back and got this fixed.

    • Fixed: When manually sending templates with HTML formatting via the applicant profile it will not reflect the HTML formatting unless HTML editor is manually switched on. <strong>Now if a template is HTML formatted, it will show up in HTML editor automatically. </strong>

  • We have additional E-Verify case statuses available based on their latest version. The following statuses have been added:

    • Draft

    • Employment Authorized

    • Pending Referral

    • Photo Match Requested

    • Scan and Upload

    • Unconfirmed Data

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