The Fountain team

March 15-21

AUTHOR: The Fountain team

Applicant Experience updates for I9 and W4! Plus some bug fixes.

  • Product Updates

    • Check out the latest updates to our Applicant Experience under the I9 and W4 sections of the changelog!

    • 30+ most commonly used Standard Data Keys are now available in Fountain Analytics Custom Reports under the Standard Data Keys view in the Applicants table across various Explores.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed: Within our Boost feature, the Master Subscription Agreement link would lead to a 404 page. This now links correctly to… guessed it…..the Master Subscription Agreement!

    • Fixed: For customers on our Workflow Editor 2.0, when using the Bulk Edit tool and selecting a stage to edit the workflow editor would return to our 1.0 version. No more time travel back to 1.0.

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